YouTube of the Week: Kurt Schneider

Today, I present to you: Kurt Schneider.

His YouTube channel KurtHugoSchneider is one I’ve been keeping a watchful eye over for a couple of years now. The work on this channel is absolutely amazing to say the least, there are many videos which are just remarkable. In fact, I surprise myself that I haven’t already put any videos from this channel on this blog yet.

But first of all, let’s give you the video: his cover of Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting. Watch out for his magical piano playing, his wonderfully expressive eyes and a voice to match his talent. The whole thing is slightly mesmerising…

Kurt Schneider is an incredibly talented music producer who possesses the skill to play pretty much any instrument you can think of… and if that wasn’t enough, he can make use of every day objects and play them as an instrument.  What do I mean? Well in one video, he plays Pachelbel’s Canon on a cell phone! – or mobile phone for those of you in the UK 😛 – and it’s absolutely incredible, I even use the tune as my own ringtone now 😀

He also works with many other talented artists and makes exceptional videos – both visually and audibly beautiful.

Words are not really enough to express how much talent Mr Kurt Schneider has… neither are they enough to tell you how much I have absolutely adored his work. So the best thing for you to do is to check him out yourself by clicking here!

P.S. All his videos are great, but I will say this: I highly recommend the videos where he works with Sam Tsui (he has a voice that’ll completely blow you away – also check out TheSamTsui) or Jake Bruene (in fact, check out Jake’s own channel (for his “Battle” videos with Kurt).


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