My Thank You List to the Fictional and the People I Will Probably Never Meet

If I ever had to write a thank you speech, I know exactly who I’d mention in it. You know, friends, family, some people you may have met at one point but lost contact but had an impact on me so I still remember them :). But I’ve come to realise that I’d also like to thank some other people – people I don’t actually know personally. Some of which don’t even exist in real life (as far as I know)!

Adam Young. The driving force behind Owl City. Identifies himself as shy and socially introverted and thus became someone I really looked up to. An introvert striving in a world full of extroverts with a career in music, no less! He doesn’t let the expectation of extroversion stop him from doing what he loves whilst still being himself… and on top of that, he makes the cutest, most adorable, most delicious sounding songs I have ever heard with even cuter lyrics!

Han Ji-eun. Character from K-Drama Full House. My first ever fictional role model. Optimistic, cheerful, naive but isn’t afraid to get a little feisty for what she believes is right. She is an aspiring writer which is partly what inspired me to start writing just for fun. She goes through plenty of ups and downs in the drama but always continues on her way with her motto “Fighting!”. Ultimately, I decided I wanted to adopt her positive-always-“fighting!” attitude to life, and that when things are tough, you’ve just got to keep fighting on! I also love her cute outfits throughout the drama, all of which reflected her sunny personality, which also inspired a few extra items to be added to my wardrobe!

Tohru Honda. Main character of the anime Fruits Basket. My second fictional role model and first ever cartoon role model. Happy, kind, innocent. She’s brave, always polite, and her friends come first, always putting them before herself. She knows the right thing to say when someone needs cheering up. No matter the circumstances, she strives to maintain a cheerful attitude and “never give up!” I always saw myself as an optimist but there were times when it just got hard. Tohru was the princess of optimism and positivity. And I decided I wanted to have the same super-positive outlook as her.

Natsuki Takaya. Creator of Fruits Basket. She wrote and illustrated the manga but I was introduced to it through the anime. How she managed to create something so full of life is beyond me. The story is something I watch to remind me life is beautiful, even if at times it doesn’t seem it. It was light-hearted and funny. It was dark. It was sad and happy. It gave you hope. It was full of emotions and it’s something I have re-watched again and again. It truly touched my heart and made me view life in a more positive and endearing way.

Rory Gilmore. Character of feel-good TV series Gilmore Girls. She was a character I could really relate to. Hardworking and studious, witty, and not one of those girls who is constantly painting their nails. There aren’t many dramas about the struggles of a bookworm student and it was with her that I went through my student life  – from the breakdown of study stress to the rough road of looking for a job. Most importantly, whenever I was thrown into the daunting position of presentations or public speaking (arghh!), I took my cue from her… not sure how I would have acted otherwise 😆

And finally…

The Doctor from Doctor Who. For being a mad, zany character who seems continuously bright-eyed about the universe, finding joy in the world and being someone who always brings a smile to my face in every episode. There is nothing else left to say.



About Lily

Lily is the blogger's name of an overimaginative, positivity-powered, and potentially awkward introvert girl who likes to think she's "quirky" (though it's very possible that she's just plain weird!) She loves music, musical theatre, art & comics, inspirational stories, languages, expressive people and anything that is a little eccentric.
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