Missing Piece by David Choi

I introduce to you a very sweet and mood-lifting song: Missing Piece by David Choi.

I like the calm melodic tones of his singing voice and the cheerful upbeat guitar rhythms. But most of all, I really like the lyrics of this song – about trying to find something but you’re not sure what it is.

Another thing I really like is the subject of what he’s looking for is entirely ambiguous. I first heard it on the fourth episode of Away We Happened by Wong Fu Productions (thank you!!) At first, it feels like another song about finding love. But after reading the lyrics, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It could relate to a myriad of things. Feeling aimless, not knowing where you’re going, which path to follow, feeling like this isn’t the right place but not knowing where is, not knowing who you are, what you’re doing, what you want, etc etc  – that general feeling of being lost in life.

That’s a feeling I’ve definitely come across. So this song really hits close to the heart.

But like the song says:
“I don’t know
What I’m looking for
But I’ll know
When I find it”

The same way I absolutely believe that, no matter how lost you feel right now, life will always point you in the right direction.

This is a great relaxing song, bound to brighten up your day and is a brilliant “cheer up” tune if you need one 🙂

Thank you, David Choi.

Full lyrics:

I feel like a boat without a sailor
I go where the wind blows
Just moving around like a lonesome stranger
I got no home

In search of a treasure
Some place I don’t know
It feels like forever
I’m making my way
Through the hills and deserts
I thirst for hope

I don’t know
What I’m looking for
But I’ll know
When I find it

There is a missing beat
Inside of me
The rhythm of my heart
Hits unevenly
There’s a missing piece
Inside of me

Trying to figure it out
But it amounts to nothing
I want to realize
But nothing I find
Ever feels like the real thing
Can you empathize?

I don’t know
What I’m looking for
But I’ll know
When I find it


I’m lost inside
A cold bitter world
I can’t understand the need
It’s makes it so hard to breathe


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