Everyone Needs to Feel Needed

“Even if the world doesn’t need me… I will, for the people who need me,… continue living on.” – Kyoko Honda, Fruits Basket


I’ve been getting back into reading the manga of Fruits Basket. I’ve watched the anime so many times (in various different subbed and dubbed versions), but there was only ever one season of it and it didn’t cover the entire manga story. The manga version is so long, I still haven’t managed to finish reading it yet!

There are a lot of good messages in Fruits Basket. One in particular is the message that “everyone needs to feel needed.” Kyoko, the mother of Tohru, was a very troubled and lonesome girl as a young teenager. She lived a rebellious lifestyle which stemmed from the way her parents would treat her with ignorance and later rejection. But deep down, all she was looking for was to be loved and to be able to love.

After meeting Katsuya, a man who influenced her in a big way, took great effort to help her turn her life around and whom she eventually married, she finally felt loved. He was the one she needed. He would always be there to welcome her home when she returned.

After some traumatic events, she found it hard to continue with life. But when her three-year-old daughter did the same thing her husband would do, happily greeting her as she returned, Kyoko realised that she, herself, was also someone who was needed. She was needed by her daughter. This gave her the strength to keep living.

It was from these experiences, she realised that everyone in the world needs to feel needed. And this was a message she raised her daughter with.


I think it’s really important to let people know, in both your words and your actions, that you care for them and appreciate them being in your life πŸ™‚ Like everyone says, you shouldn’t take them for granted. Let them know they’re loved and needed πŸ™‚

(I tried so hard not to spoil the story too much for people who haven’t read it! They really are fantastic books which have affected and influenced my outlook on life! :))


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