I Am Happy To Conclude: There’s A Lot Of Good In The World

Today has been a day full of thoughts. A day where I absorbed the happenings around me. I heard the sounds, I watched the sights. I’m not sure if this was a special day where things happened or whether my senses were heightened for the day. Whichever it is, my thoughts have been processed and this is my analysis.

Some people are very passive in life. They don’t take time to notice, to appreciate everything around them and work out how to make the most of it. Do they know what they’re missing?

Some people are very negative about the future of their lives. They have a very “this is it, this is how it will always be and I don’t like it” attitude. Don’t they know that life is for us to shape ourselves?

Some people seem very negative in general. Never anything good to say. There’s always something trivial that they can complain about. What about the good things? Don’t they know that life is much more than trivial matters?

I can be affected heavily by negativity. It’s hard to stay positive when you are surrounded by so much negative thinking from others. I must remember to stay positive myself and surround myself with equally optimistic people.

I also need to remember that I am capable of inadvertently and passively spreading negativity to others by my actions. I don’t want that. I need to be aware of the kind of energy I’m spreading to others.


People can be kind. I witnessed a little girl asking her mother for money to give to a homeless man. The mother happily agreed. The little girl gave the man some money and the man thanked her. She very gleefully skipped away afterwards. Heartwarming.

I’m sat at the back of the bus. I saw a couple with a two very young children – a father with a pushchair and a mother holding her child in her arms – who chose to stand at the front of the bus to allow an elderly man to sit on the front seats. However, the man, not wanting the couple to remain standing for the journey, remarked “No, no, I’d much rather you sat down here.” He then very gladly moved to a seat further back. I smiled.

The same man allowed me to go in front of him as we exited the bus, despite the fact I was much further behind. He waited and even when I stopped for him to go first, he still insisted I go ahead. Is this that thing I read about in books? Is this the chivalry everyone said was lost?

The people who noticed our worried looks when we thought we were lost. They helped point us in the right direction with a smile.

The chatty checkout girl who obviously loved her job and provided a service which left yourself smiling.

The busking man who just decided it would be nice to say a cheerful hello to everyone who walked past.

Sometimes I think the world is crazy. And sometimes I think the world is crazy – crazy that there’s so much good around despite all the bad.

All of this. It helps me know exactly what I don’t want to be like and what I do want to be like.

I am happy to conclude: there’s a lot of good in the world.

Happy Good Friday. Happy Easter! 🙂


About Lily

Lily is the blogger's name of an overimaginative, positivity-powered, and potentially awkward introvert girl who likes to think she's "quirky" (though it's very possible that she's just plain weird!) She loves music, musical theatre, art & comics, inspirational stories, languages, expressive people and anything that is a little eccentric.
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