So, About These Projects!

Today is 30th May 2013. I went to the hairdresser’s today with a photo of a wig because I couldn’t find a photo of a real person with a haircut that I wanted. I had never done this before and this could have well turned out to be a very awkward(er than usual) visit. Fortunately, it all turned out fine and I deemed the visit a successful one!

So from one chance taken to another – I’ve finally plucked up the courage to let you know a little more about my projects!

Project 1: DHG – I am pleased to announce I have made significant progress with this and think I’ve found my flow! So what is DHG? While I won’t reveal the name just yet, I can tell you I’m planning my own comic/webcomic series! The story is based on the imagination world in my head – a world I’ve wanted to somehow live out and share with the real world for the past few years.

DHG also serves as a good ongoing exercise to improve and practise my drawing technique. I think it’ll be a lot of fun to look back on those first few pages and see how things have changed!

Project 2 – Because of how much fun and madness I had at the last Comic Con and Memorabilia Convention, I have decided something major (sort of). Next time, I am going to dress up. And not only that, I am making my own costume. With wings. That move. I’m going for dynamic and magical here. This week I bought the parts to start putting it together – this is going to be veeeryy interesting.

The funny thing about secret projects is when people ask me what I’ve been doing in my free time. Other than a select few, not many are even aware of my projects in real life. I am also not a very good liar. So when someone asks what I’ve been doing, I reply with “nothing”, “relaxing”, “not much”. Unless I happened to have done something else that is worthy enough to actually tell them about, I don’t know what else to say. I often wonder if they think I’m just a very boring person. 😛


About Lily

Lily is the blogger's name of an overimaginative, positivity-powered, and potentially awkward introvert girl who likes to think she's "quirky" (though it's very possible that she's just plain weird!) She loves music, musical theatre, art & comics, inspirational stories, languages, expressive people and anything that is a little eccentric.
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3 Responses to So, About These Projects!

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  2. soul . to . earth says:

    Ha, ha, ha… are brave! 😈 To go w/ a photo of a wig?! 😀 I wish you’d posted a how to jig w/ a photo of a wig-photo.

  3. Lily says:

    Thinking back, I don’t know what I was thinking, ha! :mrgreen:

    I just remember thinking “this wig photo doesn’t look too wild, I’m sure it’s realistic enough” hahaha.

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