New Fictional Role Models

I am one of those people who is forever immersed in the fictional world. The world of unreal and imaginary flows through every fibre of my being.

Fiction inspires me to no end. It has impacted my life decisions more than anything real ever could. Even my food and fashion choices were influenced by fiction.

Previously, I’ve written about my role models (of the real and not-real variety!). But you can never have too many inspiration idols, right? Here are three characters I’ve added my my ‘inspirational’ list 🙂

Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaicho wa Maid-sama!)

First off, I have to say that I’ve only watched three episodes of Maid-sama so far. Although it’s not my usual pick (I’m not entirely sure where the story trying to go), I found it to be both pretty hilarious and romantic – which makes it more of a guilty pleasure series at the moment!

But from what I’ve watched so far, Misaki – the main protagonist – is a tough (perhaps, a little intimidating) and hard-working girl who puts her all into everything she does. Even if the task is something she dislikes. In the story, she reluctantly works a job as a maid in order to help support her family. This is what is particularly inspiring for me. Although she doesn’t exactly like the task, she’s determined to put in 100% anyway. To me, this is like saying “well I’m here to do it anyway, I may as well do the best I can.”

On top of this, she is completely selfless (maybe a little too much!) and works really hard for herself in order to protect others. Her go-get-’em and ‘do your best, no matter what’ attitude is something I’d like to remind myself to have more of. (Additionally, I’m in the process of figuring out whether her awesome hairstyle would work in real-life :mrgreen: It helps to have a visual reminder, doesn’t it?)


Shiharu Nakamura (Love So Life)

Shiharu is the main character of Love So Life, a really cute and adorable manga series. Love So Life has quickly become one of my favourites because of how much it makes me cry, smile and laugh like an idiot (even when re-reading past chapters!) For those reasons, I’m very lucky nobody has ever walked past me while I’m reading this.

In contrast to Misaki’s no-nonsense, to-the-point personality, Shiharu is a forever-cheerful, optimistic type. She has a youthful and child-like quality which, being a baby-sitter, is a useful trait for understanding children. I think this is something everyone needs in the grown-up world. The simplicity of a child’s way of thinking can really help filter out the complex, cloudy thoughts we get as a grown-up.

She holds unconditional love for everyone she knows, even going as far as holding back her own feelings, believing it would be better for others. But she learns that it isn’t healthy to always hide your feelings, despite your good intentions, and sometimes it’s equally as good to share your feelings – yet another life lesson that we should take note of!

Not only that but I’ve taken a few fashion ideas inspired by her outfits in the manga. It’s normal to do that, right?


Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

Actually, it’s a bit unfair to choose just one out of the many companions. Since joining the Doctor Who craze from the Ninth Doctor series, I’ve liked all the companions. My favourites being Idris (a.k.a the TARDIS is human form) and Sarah-Jane Smith (circa. Sarah Jane Adventures… alright she wasn’t exactly a ‘companion’ anymore, but she was her own!)

But out of the long-running companions, I’m not sure why I chose Clara out of everyone. Maybe it’s because of her sarcastic, quick-witted energy which shows she can really hold her own. Perhaps it’s because it’s because of her really funny sense of humour. Or her accessible fashion style. Or maybe because of that one episode where she was an exceptional Doctor.

I don’t know but she makes a great match for our newest Twelfth Doctor (who by the way, I love just as much as previous incarnations!)

I’ve secretly always wanted to be a companion. My favourite piece of fashion advice is: “Dress everyday like you’re going to run away with the Doctor in those clothes.”


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3 Responses to New Fictional Role Models

  1. Ha! “Dress everyday like you’re going to run away with the Doctor in those clothes” put a big smile on my face, Lily! Finally– some sensible fashion advice!! : )

    Characters that give it their best, are upbeat and cheerful, and quick with a quip– definitely my kinda peeps! I think I can see them all reflected in your writing, too. Maybe you’re rubbing off on them… : )

    • Lily says:

      Aha yes! It’s the only piece of fashion advice I’ll follow 😀 All clothes I buy must go through the “Can I run away with the Doctor in these?” list, including checkboxes for “Do these look like adventure clothes?”, “Are they practical and comfy?” and “Can I easily sprint away from a monster in these?”

      Thanks for stopping by again, Mark! 🙂 Always love reading your lovely comments!

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