Here’s To Truly Enjoying The Moment!

I’m a person who lives in their head a lot. Always thinking about something or another. I’ve also always been a huge daydreamer. There are numerous different worlds living in my head that I often visit everyday. The combination of all that is the reason why it’s hard for me to ever truly feel bored.

However, I have a confession. I’ve probably been doing that a little too much lately.

I think many of us can relate. Even if you don’t have an imaginary land in your head, everyone has thoughts.

Picture this. We’re walking to the shops. We start thinking about all the nice things we want to buy, like those shoes we saw online, they’d be perfect for work, oh work, I still have a mess of papers to organise, the desk is so messy, messy like my room, I have too many things I don’t use anymore, maybe I should give them to charity, yes I’ll sort through it all and put them in a box, I’ll do that right after dinner, dinner? what should I have for dinner, I think we’re almost out of milk, I should pick some up before I finish shopping…

Needless to say, the mind can be quite flighty. I know I’m guilty of that much.

This way of thinking is probably pretty normal. It isn’t as if we can really control where our thoughts go, they’re just kind of there and we don’t give them any… thought. 😛

But wait a minute. That walk to the shops we just went on. We had so many thoughts during that time – do we remember what the path actually looked like? Wasn’t there a blossom tree somewhere along the way? I wonder if they’ve come full bloom yet. I used to see bird nests in that tree. I wonder if there are still some now. I’ll have to look on the way back. I should take a picture too!

Oh look, I’ve done it again. At this point, I’m probably at the shops and should really be focusing on what I’m buying.

While I’m busy doing on thing, my mind is elsewhere doing something else. And though it’s a completely natural thing for us to do,  if our minds are constantly thinking of something/somewhere else, ignoring what’s happening in front of us… it sort of closes us off from the world. We end up in our own bubble and it doesn’t look like we’re coming back out.

Maybe we’re not fully appreciating life if all we’re thinking about is what we want to do next.

So from now on: when we’re on that walk, let us truly enjoy this moment of walking. Let’s give it our full attention. Let the mind be fully aware that we are walking now and everything about it is wonderful.

That must be some walk, huh? :mrgreen:

To put our whole self into the moment, we give our minds a chance to relax. We give ourselves the time to appreciate our surroundings and the people around us. It’s a peaceful feeling… and one I hope to practice from now on!


About Lily

Lily is the blogger's name of an overimaginative, positivity-powered, and potentially awkward introvert girl who likes to think she's "quirky" (though it's very possible that she's just plain weird!) She loves music, musical theatre, art & comics, inspirational stories, languages, expressive people and anything that is a little eccentric.
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3 Responses to Here’s To Truly Enjoying The Moment!

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  2. There are numerous different worlds living in my head that I often visit everyday. The combination of all that is the reason why it’s hard for me to ever truly feel bored.

    This rings so true even for moi! I used to do this even as a kid, long before I could blame architecture for being “spaced out”! 😀

    Reality – which is overrated- is mostly a mix of virtual worlds we’ve agreed to accept over time. Without daydreaming, nothing new would ever emerge. I’ve found being fully present seems to be a place/ time somewhere between daydreaming and reality…..almost as if there’s no need to leave nor stay put.

    I agree….. the mind does need to rest just as it needs to work. Knowing when to do what makes it less stressful. 🙃

    • Lily says:

      A place/time somewhere between daydreaming and reality – I like that! 🙂

      Even now I find myself drifting off into the distant lands of the dreamworld. If there’s one thing that can be said, it’s that the mind is a very curious thing! 😁😆😄

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