I sometimes find myself talking less about certain things because it’s disheartening when the other party isn’t interested. And I don’t really want to bore them.

On the other hand, it’s a beautiful feeling when you find someone who truly is interested in what you have to say. Even when they don’t have much knowledge on what you’re telling them, but they still listen with interest. I think that’s heartwarming.

I like to be open-minded and always willing to know about new things. This reminds me of why.


About Lily

Lily is the blogger's name of an overimaginative, positivity-powered, and potentially awkward introvert girl who likes to think she's "quirky" (though it's very possible that she's just plain weird!) She loves music, musical theatre, art & comics, inspirational stories, languages, expressive people and anything that is a little eccentric.
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2 Responses to Open-Minded

  1. I agree……when someone listens well, it helps me clearly hear what I’m saying as well as what I mean. πŸŒ»πŸ™ƒ

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