Every time I step out of this zone,
Something mysterious calls me back,
“Wait a minute,
You’re not done here yet.”
So I’m pulled back
To stay a little while longer
Because I want to make sure everything is as it should be.

Mixed signals.
Whenever I think I’m finished.
My task here is done.
Everything’s okay now, time to move.
There it is yet again.
A sign that says
“We still need you here.”
Or is my mind making it up?

When my tasks truly are complete,
There’s a small whisper of air,
It nudges me gently
And I don’t know how to read it
It’s almost like it’s asking me
“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?
Because look, this path is where you’re meant to be.”
It’s ridiculous but
That’s really how it feels.
Why won’t it let me step out of here?
Is this what they call intuition?
Or instinct?
Or is it my imagination playing tricks on me?


Or do I need to step far enough away from the magnetic field?
Because no matter how often I’m pulled back,
I still feel like I ought to step out.

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There was a day
That changed my life forever,
For better or for worse,
I like to think the first.

It struck me like a comet,
With intense velocity.
It warmed me like an ember,
To impossibility.
It burned and it hurt,
I cried atrocity.
But I survived.
And I’m alive.

Wisps of that ember lit a fire
Within me,
Energy that is warm and inspires,
Comforts me,
But the light flickers,
Burns brighter,
Then dimmer,
Burns brighter,
Then dimmer,
Constant ups followed by downs and ups,
Bemuses me,
I’m scared one day it’ll burn out

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The Way Only You Know How

Cheer me up with your words,
With ridiculous jokes and ideas,
Unbelievable tangents,
Mess around in your serious way,
The way only you know how.

Brighten the day with your energy,
Your mischievous smile and laugh,
That playful attitude,
Brighten up everyone around you,
The way only you know how.

Break my heart a little more,
With your truths and realities,
Inner-strength and stories,
Pour out your sadness and let it absorb into mine,
The way only you know how.

I don’t expect you to change.
I wouldn’t want you to either.
May you always continue to do things
In your own unique special way,
The way only you know how.

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A Cat, A Bear and Some Deer – Oh My!

Next door’s cat stepped into the house,
Seeking my attention,
Just as adorable and playful as ever.
As I stepped through the garage,
To lead her back to her own home,
A bizarre sight struck me.
Mini baby deer.
About fifty or so,
Little fawn just hopping around outside
Happily enjoying the concrete of the garden.
And next to them
A bear
A big brown grizzly bear
Why is the door open?!
Had nobody seen this through dining room window?
I rushed to shut the door,
Frantically turning the key in the lock
Which refused to close.
Turning, turning, again and again
The lock just would not click in.
I couldn’t tell if the bear was bored or aggressive.
Curious at the suddenly closed door,
I was afraid it would try to run it down,
I held the door down,
Trying the lock yet again,
To no avail.

And then I woke up.


I had a weird dream. I thought it would make an interesting poem 😛

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An optimist
Is not necessarily someone
Who only sees sunshine and rainbows
An optimist
Is somebody who knows sunshine
Exists behind the clouds
Is somebody who sees rainbows
Amidst the heavy rain
Is somebody who views rain
Not as a negative thing
But as something real in our existence
And to an optimist
That thought is comforting.

An optimist
Is not someone who is naive
Or is blind to the real world
An optimist
Is somebody who knows this world very well
The ups and downs, the light and dark
And that this world uses both to balance each other
Without one, we wouldn’t appreciate the other
Nights don’t last forever
Eventually, morning will come again.
An optimist understands the secrets of this world,
Aware of the dark pockets,
And still chooses to believe in goodness,
Still chooses to hold hope,
Still remembers that light always exists.

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Here I am, carrying a torch.
Even though there was nothing to win.
I’d lost before the game begun.
Because the game finished long ago.
It started before I’d arrived.
I didn’t even think to try winning.
I just thought about the torch.
I don’t even know why.
It just seemed natural to keep the torch burning.
Win or lose?
It doesn’t matter.
What does it matter when it’s already done?
And to win now? That would be no real win.
I may as well just lose a thousand times more.
That would be fairer than winning at this point.
I couldn’t possibly ask to win now.
There is no game.
I’m not competing.
I’m just happy it even happened at all.

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Two beams of starlight,
Both separately take flight,
Travelling together side by side,
Destined to never collide,
Fate dictates their paths to be parallel,
In their own right, they each are individual.

Never out of sight,
Always there,
Always watching,
Always like a mirror,
Reflecting in more than one way,
Reflecting off each other,
A reflection of opposites,
Of contradictions,
Of juxtapositions,
Similarities that were so far away,

We are starlight,
Sparkling in the midst of night,
Travelling our own lines,
Existing in separate times,
Both belonging in a different dimension,
Reflecting only in different directions,
Travelling together, side by side,
Never to cross, never to collide.

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